Are “Manners” the Next Big Thing?

June 2nd, 2011 by melissa g

Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the number of “manners” picture books at BEA?

At the autograph tables,

there was Good Manners

are Contagious

Merrilee Mannerly and

Her Magnificent Manners

could be found at

the Mom’s Choice Awards booth

I found out about the independently

published, Mind Your Manners,

Minnie Monster, while chatting with

the friendly author.

And finally, at the Book Blogger

Convention on Friday,

there was a display for

Quest for Good Manners.

I wonder if these four books are an indication of a trend?  Are we paying more attention to our kids’ manners?  Have we realized that some of our kids have no manners?  Are we ready to do something about it?  I don’t think there can be too many books on manners – each one might work better for a different child –  so I’m excited to see more books on this subject!  And even more excited to see where this trend takes us!

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