Book Fair Mania!

April 27th, 2011 by melissa y.

I ran the Book Fair at my children’s school a couple weeks ago and boy was it busy!  And it was worth every minute.  Nevermind the mommy points it earned me with my children, there is nothing like the look on children’s faces when they light up…because of BOOKS!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  As we set up on Friday afternoon for Monday, we had to fend the kids off until we were ready for them.  One of my favorite quotes as a 4th grade class walked through was when a young girl stopped, smelled the air and said, “I just love the smell of new books.”

Parents:  do yourselves a favor and join your child at their book fair.  There is something about the group excitement over books that just spurs the literacy!!!  Or if that isn’t feasible, just bring them to the best library around and drink in all the books there.

If you are in Chicago, check out this cool new concept in used books, called Open Books.  More about them in a later post.

Cheers to Literacy!!!

To find our reviews of some of the amazing books pictured above, head on over to Sweet on Books.  Frankie Pickle reviewed here, Bad Kitty reviewed here, and Stink reviewed here.

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