Celebrate Picture Book Month

November 5th, 2011 by melissa g

Picture Books are so special, and we enjoy them all year long at Sweet on Books, but this November we’re joining Picture Book Month to do some extra celebrating.  These stars deserve their chance to shine!

One of the most amazing things about a picture book is how much meaning it can deliver, so quickly.  How many books do you know of that can change the way you think in just 32 pages? Sometimes without any words?   That’s pretty impressive.  The other thing that always strikes me is how Picture Books can appeal to all ages. We often stop buying and reading Picture Books once our kids can read on their own, but Picture Books deserve a place on our bookshelves long after that point.

So join the celebration and share the joy of a Picture Book today!  And when you’re done, let us know what you’ve been reading.  Here are a few of our favorites:

According to the Picture Book Month website, “Picture Book Month is an international initiative to designate November as Picture Book Month, encouraging everyone to celebrate literacy with picture books.”

Click here for more information on Picture Book Month and here for amazing activities to do with your kids.

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