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April 16th, 2011 by melissa g

We are thrilled to present our conversation with author, Elsbeth Edgar!

SWOB asks: Where did you get the idea for The Visconti House?

Ms. Edgar replies: When I was growing up there was a grand old house near a park where we used to play and I was told that it had been built by a wealthy man for a woman who never came to live there. The idea stayed in my imagination. Many years later I came across a beautiful but deserted house in a small country town. It was quite different from all the houses around it and I began wondering how it came to be built there. The two buildings eventually merged into Mr Visconti’s house.

Click here to see the full interview with this special author.

Find out what inspired The Visconti House, what she’s planning to write next and what else she does with her time – she’s not just a writer!

Enjoy fun facts about Ms. Edgar, including her favorite Sweet Treat!

Don’t forget to share her story with your readers…you just might motivate a writer in your own house.

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