Columbus Day – How Do You Celebrate?

October 8th, 2012 by melissa g

Do you have the day off?  Are you out shopping for Columbus Day bargains? Are your kids home from school? So, who was Christopher Columbus, and why is he celebrated here in the United States? According to a CBS video, Columbus Day originally became a public holiday way back in 1937.  Why?  It was a political move by then President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to gain the Italian vote. These days, though, things are changing. Many states, including Alaska, Florida, Nevada and Wyoming are leaving Columbus Day off the official calendar. So, should we still be celebrating Columbus Day in 2012? If you’re reading Twitter, or any other form of social media, there is definitely some controversy out there. There is even a movement to rename it “Exploration Day”. What do you think, should we celebrate Columbus Day or Exploration Day, or perhaps you have another suggestion altogether?

For more information on the explorers, check out Into the Unknown: How Great Explorers Found Their Way By Land, Sea, and Air by Stewart Ross. The carefully written text, detailed illustrations and engaging pull-outs (pictured) will teach readers about 14 different amazing explorations, including the story of Christopher Columbus, an Italian captain from the port of Genoa. With backing from the King and Queen of Spain, he set out in 1492 in an attempt to find a new route to the East Indies. Readers will learn that Christopher Columbus traveled west (instead of east as most sailors did) and landed, not in China, as he had hoped, but in an area now known as the Caribbean. Oops!

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