Do you know a reluctant reader?

February 22nd, 2012 by melissa g

This article by Dangerous Minds (remember the 1995 movie with Michelle Pfeiffer?) author, LouAnne Johnson, might help. 10 Reasons Nonreaders Don’t Read – and How to Change Their Minds addresses some common problems and offers actionable solutions. Ms. Johnson shares 10 reasons why kids don’t read, including that it gives them a headache, they have no interest in what they’re reading or they can’t read as fast as their friends.  Below each reason, there is a section called “Do this” which explains concrete steps that you can take at home or in the classroom to turn things around.  So, what to do if your reader has no interest in what they’re required to read? According to Ms. Johnson, the trick is “finding something so compelling that students forget they are reading.”  We couldn’t agree more!  This article is great for teachers, librarians, or parents.

On a side note, if you did see Dangerous Minds, you might be interested in this 2007 letter that LouAnne Johnson wrote in response to an email from a grad student.  Apparently, the movie was very, very loosely based on the her book, My Posse Don’t Do Homework.  In the letter, Ms. Johnson shares some thoughts on the movie and explains how if differed from her real life teaching experience.

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  1. Tori

    I don’t get those who don’t like to read. I’ve always loved it, personally. Anyway, interesting article.