Give Books This Holiday Season (hint: Amazon isn’t the only place for e-books)

November 18th, 2013 by melissa y.

Have you started thinking about your holiday list?  With Thanksgiving so late, Hanukkah two weeks away, it’s time to start!  But what to get – kids/sisters/brothers/fill in the blank – who have everything?  How about the gift of books?

Naturally, your next question is bound to be – what if everyone has a kindle/nook/e-reader?  Why not give a gift certificate to buy e-books along with a curated list of recommended books for them to purchase?

Fun Fact:  Amazon isn’t the only place to buy e-books.  Many independent bookshops have partnerships that allow you to buy digital downloads through their websites or in-store and then they get a portion of the sale.  What a great way to support your local indie bookshop.

Diane’s Books, an fabulous independent bookshop in Greenwich, Ct., has a whole digital download section on their website.  The Voracious Reader, a specialty children’s shop in Larchmont, NY, has a new deal with Kobo.

So be sure to check with your local bookshop before heading to Amazon!

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