How Can I Get My Child To Read Everyday?

March 28th, 2012 by melissa y.

This is something we have all struggled with and it is possible!  We just have to believe in what we are asking them to do.  We also have to be willing to do it ourselves.

In the wonderful article, Slow-Books Manifesto, published in the Atlantic, Maura Kelly suggests we look at the way we consume entertainment and slow down. We are all very concerned about what goes into our bodies, hence the slow food movement, but Kelly wonders why we don’t take a look at the fast-paced world of entertainment. She suggests when you have a free half-hour, why don’t you avoid facebook, twitter and reality TV and pick up a book?  It will feed you brain and your soul, and stay with you much longer than any of the other options.

“In our leisure moments, whenever we have down time, we should turn to literature—to works that took some time to write and will take some time to read, but will also stay with us longer than anything else. They’ll help us unwind better than any electronic device—and they’ll pleasurably sharpen our minds and identities, too.”

Isn’t this exactly what we are urging our children to to each day?  If so, it would be more powerful to model this behavior.  As mom always used to say, actions speak louder than words.

Let’s challenge ourselves to take a half-hour a day and read!  Set aside a quiet half-hour, find a comfy and conspicuous spot and read.  You don’t have to require your children to read.  Just ask them to find a quiet activity that doesn’t require an on/off button.  I guarantee within a few days you will have a little reading buddy snuggled up right next to you.

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