I Believe in Picture Books!

January 30th, 2012 by melissa y.

Everyone is debating real book versus E-Book.  But where does the picture book fall in that debate?  Because if you digitize a picture book, when does it become a video?  or animation?  I am not sure, that line is a little fuzzy for me.  I am a proud owner of an iPad and Kindle, and I float effortlessly between my two devices and real books;  happily reading in all three forms.  I even read on my iPhone.  If I find myself without a book and early for pickup, I just tap my Kindle app and there I am back in the middle of my book.  I find the technology brilliant.

But not with Picture Books.  I take a firm stance here.  Picture books belong in “real” book form; on materials you can touch, hold and feel.  I don’t ever see cuddling up with my children and an iPad for their bedtime story.  Picture books are a form of art. Just as I would never take the art off my walls, digitize it and dispose of the original painting, we can’t dispose of Picture Books as we know them.  Stop the madness!

A picture of the cover of the book.

One of the new picture books introduced to us at the recent Little Brown event is a beautifully illustrated book called Red Knit Cap Girl by first time author, Naoko Stoop.  The publisher brought the original artwork for each of the books being introduced, including this one.  I felt like I was in an art gallery.  The beauty was staggering.

The back story behind Red Knit Cap Girl was so interesting.  A Little Brown publisher was out buying dinner for her family one night and noticed Naoko Stoop’s artwork hanging in a gallery as she walked by.  Dinner was late that night as she marveled over the beautiful paintings hanging on the walls.

Picture of an inside spread...beautiful.

Each piece was painted on an individual piece of wood and in each painting a little girl in a red knit hat figured prominently.  The publisher felt like that little girl had a story to tell and went about tracking down the artist, and Red Knit Cap Girl was born.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this gorgeous book this spring!

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