Is Too Much Testing Killing Our Children’s Love of Reading?

October 29th, 2013 by melissa y.

Over 100 children’s book authors and illustrators certainly think so, and they have all signed a letter to President Obama to tell him just that.  The authors and illustrators of note include Judy Blume, Donald Crews, Jules Feiffer and many more.

The letter states, “We are alarmed at the negative impact of excessive school testing mandates, including your Administration’s own initiatives, on children’s love of reading and literature.”

The letter goes on to implore the President “to support authentic performance assessments, not simply computerized versions of multiple-choice exams. We also urge you to reverse the narrowing of curriculum that has resulted from a fixation on high-stakes testing.”

Michael Morpugo, the author of War Horse and An Elephant in the Garden, goes on to say, “It’s not about testing and reading schemes, but about loving stories and passing on that passion to our children.”

The full letter is posted online at the website, The National Center for Fair and Open Testing.

What do you think about testing and reading?  Is it necessary or is it hurting our children’s relationship to reading and literature?


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