It’s that time again: Poetry Month!

April 6th, 2013 by melissa y.

Although poetry can be celebrated at any time of the year, April has been set aside to especially commemorate it, and here at Sweet on Books, we always LOVE poetry!

Poems have so many uses in a child’s literacy development, beyond their pure enjoyment. They allow a reader to select how much or how little to read at one time, thus it is a customizable reading experience.   Also, poems generally celebrate language in a way that young readers may not get exposed to very often. Poetry anthologies are useful tools to train the youngest readers to learn to sit still.  Start with a short poem and build up slowly to the longer ones; eventually, your beginning reader will learn to attend to a whole story.

Finally, my favorite use for poetry is with reluctant readers.  Depending on your reluctant reader’s interests, choose a poetry collection that would appeal to him/her, and leave it lying around in conspicuous places.  If it’s appealing enough, your reader will pick it up and find he/she is not overwhelmed, because poems can be read in spurts.  It’s not a huge commitment. As an additional byproduct, the rhythm of the rhyming words may even increase sight vocabularies!

Take a look at the Sweet on Books poetry archives to find the just right volume for your reader.  Additionally, here are two new anthologies that have crossed our desk this month:

Forest Has a Song is a lyrical book of charming poetry by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.  The entire book is devoted to nature, perfectly timed for the upcoming Earth Day, on April 22nd.  Robbin Gourley’s watercolor illustrations are a wonderful complement to the enchanting verse.


Jane Yolen’s Wee Rhymes is a perfect choice for beginning readers.  This is an ideal volume to introduce the genre to a brand new audience of future poetry lovers.  With a mixture of new and classic rhymes, this will keep even your antsiest toddler’s attention.  Jane Dyers sweet illustrations complete this lovely volume.  Wee Rhymes would make a terrific present for a new baby!

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