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May 30th, 2012 by melissa g

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Trenton Lee Stewart,

Author of The Mysterious Benedict Society series.

As you might imagine from the stories he writes, he is imaginative, clever, funny and definitely entertaining! As he reveals in our interview, he has never been a secret agent, his next book is not related to The Mysterious Benedict Society, and he’s a big fan of raw cookie dough. Read on…we are sure that you will enjoy this opportunity to get to know him a little better.

What inspired you to write about extraordinarily smart kids like the ones in The Mysterious Benedict Society?

I got an idea one day – an idea that eventually developed into these books – about a clever child taking an impossibly difficult test that had a secret to it. I knew what the secret was and that this child would figure it out. Then it occurred to me that a different child might miss the secret, yet still pass the test by knowing the answers to the questions. This idea, plus a few others about riddles and physical conundrums, led me to wonder why kids would be taking these tests – who the kids were, who would be administering these tests, and what the tests might lead to. From these musings sprang the notion of incomparably gifted kids being recruited to go on a mission.

To see the full interview, click through to Sweet on Books.

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