Middle Grade Monday

October 21st, 2013 by melissa y.

Our children are literally growing right before our eyes.  Some mornings I swear my son is noticeably taller when he wakes up.  While our children’s bodies are growing by leaps and bounds, so are their minds, and it can be pretty tricky to keep up. Just when you’ve explored all there is to know about learn-to-read books, your child wakes up and starts reading early chapter books.  That’s why Sweet on Books is here to help!

Today, I want to talk Middle Grade Literature.  Middle Grade is defined by marketers as serving children who are 8/9 years to 11/12 years old.  It’s that spot in between easy chapter books and young adult books.  In case you are interested in more info on the middle grade category of children’s literature, take a look at this fantastic conversation on the subject that took place at the NYPL this past February.

So, if your young reader just entered the middle grade reading level (or in case you have been under a children’s literature rock!), I just want to introduce an amazing middle grade author, Rebecca Stead. Her 2009 book, When You Reach Me, won the 2010 Newbery Medal.  Her follow up, Liar & Spy, is just as good.

Rebecca Stead “gets” kids.  Her stories are authentic and timeless.  When You Reach Me is set in the 70’s, but it’s story could have taken place in any decade.  Stead’s books will appeal to adults just as much as children, so think about reading these novels along side your children.  Mainly, because you will enjoy the reading experience, but each book will also give you some great conversation starters.

You can also take a look at Rebecca Stead’s first novel,First Light.

Happy Middle Grade Monday!

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