Pottermore is Coming Soon

March 9th, 2012 by melissa g

According the the Pottermore Insider, the much anticipated pottermore.com website will be up and running in April, 2012.  So, why the wait? Apparently, they tested it out on one million lucky users and realized that the original platform would not be suitable for a larger audience. So, they’re moving to a completely different platform, and I guess that takes time.

The other good news is that those of you who have been waiting to read Harry Potter on your tablets, Kindles, iPads, etc., may not have to wait much longer.  According to pottermore.com, when “the Pottermore Shop opens, readers will be able to purchase exclusively and download the digital Harry Potter audio books and, for the first time, the Harry Potter eBooks. The complete series will be available in a range of popular language editions, with additional languages soon to follow.”

If you’re still asking, “What is Pottermore?” here’s an explanation straight from the site:

Pottermore is an exciting new website from J.K. Rowling that can be enjoyed alongside the Harry Potter books. You can explore the stories like never before and discover exclusive new writing from the author. It is FREE to join and use, and is designed to be safe for people of all ages.

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