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May 22nd, 2012 by melissa y.

We’re giving away books again! This time we want to introduce you to Stuey Lewis, an early chapter book character who will have your young reader hooked from the first page. Jane Schoenberg introduced us to Stuey in The One and Only Stuey Lewis. Today, the second Stuey adventure comes out, Stuey Lewis Against All Odds Stories from the Third Grade.

Sweet on Books and Farrar, Straus and Giroux are giving away three copies of Stuey’s latest adventure. In this installment, we find Stuey has moved on from second grade and entered third grade with the help of his terrific teacher, Ginger and his best friend, Will. Schoenberg has created funny, honest and real characters that children will instantly relate to. ENTER TO WIN a copy of the new Stuey Lewis book by this Friday, May 25th, and you may be one of our three lucky winners!

Stuey Lewis Against All Odds
Get ready to follow Stuey to third grade where he takes his readers on four adventures. Stuey transports his whole class to outer space, navigates a cross country flight, has the best Mother’s Day ever and finds a pet cool enough for his class’s pet show.

The One and Only Stuey Lewis
In Stuey’s chapter book debut, Stuey tries to survive second grade. Firstly, he isn’t the best reader. It doesn’t help that he may not make his soccer dream team and his mom will only let him trick or treat on one block. Finally, he has to deal with Lilly, a really annoying classmate! In these four interconnected stories, Stuey will make you cheer for his successes!

Jane Schoenberg is a lyricist and the author of My Bodyworks, Songs about your bones, muscles, heart and more, The Baby Hustle, The One and Only Stuey Lewis, Stories from the Second Grade, and Stuey Lewis Against All Odds, Stories from the Third Grade. She lives in Western Massachusetts.

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