The Cybils are Coming! The Cybils are Coming!

February 13th, 2013 by melissa y.

The Cybils winners will be announced tomorrow!  The title of this post may be a little misleading.  The Cybils volunteers have been hard at work for most of the past year, a lot in the last six months, putting together their list of the best in children’s literature from 2012.

The Cybils’ volunteers are a group of online book bloggers (read: crazy kidlit and YA book nerds – just our type!)  who volunteer their time to read and review even more books than they normally would on the own blogs.

What I like about these awards is the process they use to find the best books.  First, a call is put out on the Internet for nominations in each of the categories – anyone can nominate a book.  Once the nominations are closed a group of panelists is put together for each category and they select a short list of the top five /six books that they think are the best.  Then a group of judges (different from the panelists) is formed for each category and they decide the winner in each category.  I like that the two committees are different, I think it makes this process more objective.

To see the  all the nominees, click on a category.  Check back tomorrow to see who wins!

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