The Humming Room by Ellen Potter

March 5th, 2012 by melissa g

I have been looking forward to seeing Ellen Potter’s next book since I read her fascinating 2010 release, The Kneebone Boy.  And, I have to say that The Humming Room, just released on 2/28/12, did not disappoint me.  Her books are easy to read, or should I say, hard to put down.  In the beginning, it really feels like The Humming Room is going to be scary, like when the main character, Roo, discovers a room filled with creepy, old wheelchairs or when she hears stories of dead children being sent down a secret chute. Then the story changes course and becomes almost magical, with an enlightened squirrel and a mysterious Faigne.  At first, it’s not altogether clear if the Faigne is real or a figment of her imagination, but his effect on Rue is genuine.  He is a kindred spirit, and they quickly develop a special, slightly romantic bond.  Click over to Sweet on Books to see the complete review of The Humming Room.

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