What do Marc Brown & Madonna have in common?

January 27th, 2012 by melissa g

OK, you’re probably thinking, nothing. They couldn’t possibly have anything in common, right? But as Mr. Brown, creator of the renowned Arthur series, pointed out at a Little, Brown Picture Book event last night, they actually do have something, in fact two things, in common! Both Madonna and Mr. Brown have “dabbled” in publishing, and both see the value of reinventing themselves. That’s just what Mr. Brown is doing with his latest project, If All the Animals Came Inside, a collaboration with author, Eric Pinder. Taking his illustrations to a new level, Mr. Brown uses a remarkable collage technique to express the hilarious chaos that would ensue if zoo animals shared our homes.

The Two Melissas with Marc Brown

Coming to a bookstore near you...April 2012!

Here's a taste of what's inside.

We also had an interesting conversation with Mr. Brown about the future of picture books. He offered a really interesting perspective on the subject. First of all, he sees the digital future of books in a very positive light, sharing that the convenience factor is a huge benefit. He also said that he likes the idea of seeing his illustrations in motion because in some regard, his drawings are already moving in his mind. I have to agree. The boundless energy that fills his creations makes them feel like they’re already in motion for me too.

We were so thrilled to meet Marc Brown and to get a preview of his work. We were also excited to hear about some exciting new Little, Brown titles coming this spring. More on those soon…

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